After the evaluation closing (May 6th), in the past weeks we completed the administrative tasks to onboard the first cohort.

Now we’re so excited to officially announce the 12 successful applicants to the Impact Deal acceleration program!

Before we reveal our successful enterprises, here are a few stats:

  • 40 finalised applications overall.
  • 8 countries involved: Italy, UK, Portugal, Switzerland, Cyprus, Denmark, Luxembourg, Ireland.
  • Activity sectors: Smart Environment, Smart Cities, IoT, Logistic/Supply Chain, Digital Consciousness, Human Resources Services, Open Innovation, AI, Cultural Heritage, Food, Health, Medical Care, Agriculture, Augmented Mobility, Vehicles and Energy solutions.
  • More than 50% of SDGs addressed

Drum roll please…

1) Alba Robot (Italy)

2) AROUNDRS (Italy)

3) Open Impact (Italy)

4) Optimiz Claims (United Kingdom)

5) Pin Bike (Italy)

6) Sustainable Brand Platform (Italy)

7) Sorair Technologies (United Kingdom)

8) The Newsroom (Portugal)

9) Virtuosis (Switzerland)

10) WeSolve Aps (Denmark)

11) Whitelibra (Italy)

12) Wiseair (Italy)

Next week, we will be meeting all the above enterprises during the kick-off event (May 26-27 at OGR Torino).