This is the time to open a new path based on entrepreneurship and data, towards a regenerative complex ecosystem and a sustainable future.

The future knocks on our door and places fundamental challenges on the table with underlying issues that substantially affect the individual, social, economic and environmental spheres.

At the same time, every day, new digital technologies offer increasingly reliable and precise tools and methodologies that enable the understanding of complex phenomena based on the analysis of heterogeneous data: if properly combined, read and interpreted, such data can lead us to a greater awareness in our lives, supporting us in making informed decisions or reacting to global threats.

Scientific methodology, data-driven approach, open innovation, and collaboration are therefore today more than ever fundamental ingredients in order to dynamically create a global, robust and ecosystemic balance.

Borders and “silos” must become “bridges” for collaborations and “sharing”, the consumption and waste of resources must be transformed into a virtuous cycle of regeneration, while human beings learn to harmoniously exchange space and energy with the environment.

Impact Deal intends to act as a deal between heterogeneous subjects for the generation of positive, measurable societal and environmental impact, here understood as the entrepreneurial impetus towards the construction of companies that pursue (ex ante) impact objectives (according to the SDG indicators defined by the UN) in addition to the usual economic-financial sustainability indicators.

This is a Call for impact enterprises driven by the desire to break the status quo, who believe in creating more ethical and transparent businesses and problem solving beyond the mere sale of services or products.