A Data-driven Acceleration Program for Impact Enterprises, Corporates and Organizations.

Are you ready to make an impact with data?

Our mission

Impact Deal acts as a deal between heterogeneous subjects for the generation of positive, measurable societal and environmental impact.

Our main target is  companies that pursue (ex-ante) impact objectives (according to the SDG indicators defined by the UN) in addition to the usual economic-financial KPI. The two main goals are:

  • To unleash the value of private and public organization data assets by promoting the Data Space paradigm and testing return models on social impact projects.
  • To boost impact enterprises through access to a scalable acceleration path based on top-level datasets, training and mentorship.

Whom are we looking for?

Impact enterprises (profit and non-profit, startups, scale-ups, SMEs, Cooperatives…) aimed at generating an intentional and measurable positive social impact beyond the mere sale of services or products, focused on tackling societal and environmental challenges and working toward at least one of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals outlined by the UN.

Innovative wannabe impact corporates and organizations:

  • aimed at boosting their data strategies by strengthening internal competencies and enabling a return model on social impact projects and data.
  • interested in joining a group of private and public organizations (The Data Club) to develop, together, new forms of data-driven collaborations.
  • eager to start partnerships with brilliant young enterprises to validate the secondary use of their own data and to nurture impact strategy.

A WIN-WIN value proposition


The selected enterprises will have access to high-value Data Science & AI training and mentorship. Furthermore, valuable enterprises will benefit from exclusive datasets and additional top-class resources (mentorship, resources, partnership and visibility opportunities,…).


By joining the Data Club they will access a specific Data Stewardship and Data Sharing awareness program. Furthermore, their internal private datasets might be used to tackle societal challenges and will be tested and explored to discover their value for society.

OGR Tech Hub

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Located in the charming, vibrant and well-connected city of Torino, in northern Italy, in the heart of the OGR Tech Hub.

OGR Tech Hub is focused on innovation and technology, it operates on some verticals of excellence such as artificial intelligence, smart mobility, gaming and blockchain.

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