Innovation and social impact are reaching new levels of excellence around the world, as demonstrated by the number of applications of the second edition of Impact Deal.

The call for impact enterprises closed with a total of 79 finalized Applications out of 107 received via F6S.

Of these, 46 come from abroad and specifically from 20 countries: Portugal, Estonia, France, the Netherlands, Greece, Austria, UK, Switzerland, Poland, Denmark, Malta, Spain, Turkey, Germany, Romania, Belgium, USA, Sweden and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. 33 Italian impact enterprises complete the group of applicants.

The activity sectors are extremely varied: Smart & Maritime Environment, Smart Cities, IoT, Logistic/Supply Chain, Transportation, Digital Consciousness, Neuroscience, Wellbeing, healthcare, medtech, Education, Human Resources Services, Open Innovation, AI, Blockchain, Food, Health & Medical Care, Agriculture, Augmented Mobility, Climate, Vehicles, Aerospace, Sustainability, Resilient infrastructures and Energy solutions.

The coverage of all 17 sustainability objectives (SDGs) defined by the United Nations is also total, as a sign of a strong social and environmental commitment.

The applications were evaluated by 11 evaluators divided into 3 groups on the basis of 6 criteria:

  • Team
  • Uniqueness
  • Impact
  • Data Maturity
  • Data Club Match
  • Overall Score

Based on the evaluation we are now sending a confirmation email to all the applicants to communicate the results.

In the next few days we will complete the administrative tasks to onboard the second cohort of impact enterprises.  Looking forward to unveiling the second Impact Deal cohort very soon.

Stay tuned!