Stefania DelpreteData Scientist


Stefania Delprete is a data scientist and tech tutor at TOP-IX and co-organizer for the BIG DIVE data training and Impact Deal acceleration program. She has interests and knowledge in physics, neuroscience, computation and open source/free software, human rights and social change.

Stefania currently co-organizes the Italian chapter of Effective Altruism, she is the Italian representative for Mozilla and the Common Voice project, NumFOCUS ambassador and manages the Turin MathsJam. In the last decade, she has been involved in projects on productivity, well-being and unconventional teaching methods in Italy, Germany and England.

Stefania graduated in Physics at the University of Eastern Piedmont with a major in quantum mechanics and algebraic topology. She is now pursuing a master’s degree in Physics of complex systems in the field of neuroscience track at the University of Turin.


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