Edoardo RamondoBusiness & Operations consultant @ Impact Hub Torino

Edoardo Ramondo is an entrepreneur with over thirty years of experience in the agri-food sector, during which he managed companies for the production, conditioning, and distribution of fresh products.

He is the father of Lorenzo, Elena, and Alberto, three “boys” who have already embarked on their professional paths. He lives in Turin, he has often moved to study and work, and thanks to this he understood that he should feel at home almost everywhere.

During his first 50 years and more, he saw a lot of turmoil, and today he has to admit that through the difficulties, and even the failures, his attitude passes to be resilient to the more or less serious events that are in front of him, not forgetting the fact that “luck” often plays a key role, so he has always tried to feed it.

One of his successes was the introduction of an integrated application to the management system for B2B customers, which simplified the ordering and delivery process of the freshest products, allowing orders to be received through the app and delivered in less than 9 hours. This project changed the organizational process of fresh management, moving from logistics management to warehouse management to management of flows, eliminating waste and loss of value due to deterioration.

He has also developed international business activities, opening new markets in countries such as Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, and the UK. In addition, he has lengthened the supply chain by opening neighborhood shops and investing in farms in Central and Southern Italy, thus expanding the presence on the territory and contributing to the development of local communities.

He created his first startup at the age of 21, dedicated to the production of high-quality 4th and 5th range fresh vegetables, with corners inside the stores. This innovative initiative opened up new opportunities, such as an industrial plant dedicated to the production of bagged salads and soups.

He would prefer to talk about his failures (not too many for now!) in person, and he states that they all had a common element: the human factor.

In addition to his activity, he has played an active role as a consultant and advisor for development projects of Italian and foreign startups in the Agri & Food tech sector, bringing his entrepreneurial, problem-solving, and pivoting skills acquired over the years.

Recently, he engaged in an international cooperation activity in Namibia, through the company Impact For Africa SpA, which focuses on food security with the support of the World Food Programme (WFP). In this project, they are implementing intensive and extensive crops with regenerative agriculture methods and afforestation/reforestation activities to sequester CO2 and obtain CO2 certificates.

He loves sports, he often swims and tries his hand at tennis. He likes to be frank because in knowing how to listen to others and give his opinion, he has always found the best means for personal and professional growth.

He is excited to be involved in the activities of Impact Deal and to share his experience with other people who want to map out new projects and solutions for a more sustainable future, both economically and socially, while respecting the environment. He is convinced that together they can create a lasting positive impact.


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