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September 14

OGR Torino – Corso Castelfidardo, 22, 10128 Torino

14:15 Welcome back at OGR Tech (Mezzanino)
14:30 Impact investing clinic
16:15 Break
16:30 Conversation with Gianfranco Cecconi, Lead for Collaborative Data Ecosystems at Capgemini Invent

“Data does not need protection”
We must collaborate to address the challenges we face today as a society. Those among us who are privileged to understand this should feel responsible to take government institutions and businesses by hand and demonstrate to them that sharing data is possible today in ways that are technically sound and secure, legal and ethical. It is up to us to change the mindsets and practices needed to enable new ways to work together over data, as participants in an ecosystem. In this session, Gianfranco will report from his decade-long experience inviting organizations to consider the opportunities to work together, the friction he faced and the solutions he tested, because data does not need protection as much as it needs unleashing.

Gianfranco Cecconi leads the global collaborative data ecosystems community of practice in Capgemini Invent: the management consulting business of the Capgemini Group. He has been advising clients for almost a decade as they explored opportunities in open data and data sharing since he first joined Sir Tim Berners-Lee’s Open Data Institute in London. He is a contributor to both the European Union’s programs for the promotion of public data resources and of data spaces Data Spaces Support Centre, and to industry associations such as Gaia-X, the International Data Spaces Association, and MyData Global.
17:15 Role Play Game: Once upon a time… with Marcus Leslie Baines – Professional Language Counselling
18:45 From OGR to restaurant
19:15 Social Dinner – Ristoro 28 Marzo, Via Antonio Pigafetta, 56

September 15

OGR Torino – Corso Castelfidardo, 22, 10128 Torino

08:30Breakfast together at OGR Tech (Refectory Room)
09:15Warm-up activity
10:00Meet the Data Club (1-1 meeting)
12:00Wrap up of the two days (Mezzanino)
12:30Kick-off Conclusion